Alfa AWUS036H Turns On & Off Fix

awus036h on off

If you cannot make Alfa AWUS036H Realtek 8187L Wifi Adapter work, it can be extremely frustrating. If you're like me, and trying to install it on Windows 10 then the software provided will not install properly in spite of many attempts. I have even installed it according to the instructions. Nope, no luck!

Reboot, disable and uninstall...what the heck?

I have rebooted, disabled and uninstalled before restarting and reinstalling. Understandably operating systems such as Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 are not compatible for this unit. Though I have a Windows 7 laptop, it does the same cycles on and off.

I had initially wanted to use this Wifi Adapter along with a Yagi Antenna for my RV. But I quickly learned it wasn't going to be easy to get working...nevertheless, I was determined to make it function.

As I later found out going from forums to websites and even Youtube videos, this Wifi adapter is extremely power hungry. And the USB's on my laptops weren't providing enough electricity to power this sucker.

So here's how to fix the issue

So after endless failed attempts, I solved my on and off problem. What I did was purchase a USB 3.0 Hub with AC Power Adapter for less than $10 on Ebay. And you know what? It Worked! On both Windows 10 and Windows 7. Make sure however it's for PC and Laptop use. Some hubs are just charging stations.

Fix Wifi Adapter

Things to consider before buying a USB Hub

Now before you buy a USB Hub be certain to get one that uses a 2.0 AMP AC Adapter. You may run into problems if you purchase a crappy USB hub with a 0.5 AMP adapter. Remember, this AWUS036H is pretty powerful and it needs juice to make it work as it should. Best of luck!

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