Remove Broken Glass from Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal

It could happen to anyone at anytime. Busy washing a sink full of dishes and a small glass cup falls into the grinding chamber without you noticing. You may not see it due to the rubber splash guard or sink full of dirty water.

The water from the sink drains slowly and you turn on the disposal thinking there's food in the grinding chamber. Before you know it you're grinding glass or porcelain in the disposal.

Safety First - Turn OFF the garbage disposal.

1.) Make sure that the only person handling the removal of broken glass is in charge of the on/off switch.

2.) Use thick rubber or work gloves before attempting to insert your hand in the grinding chamber. Broken glass can easily cut your hands or fingers without proper protection.

Here are Tips on How to Remove the Broken Glass:

Play-Dough: You'll need golf-ball size pieces for this method. Have several pieces readily available since you'll be throwing away each used one. Now press on the sidewalls of the grinding chamber. Pull the play-dough out and discard. Work your way around the inside of the grinding chamber.

Continue this process until you no longer see glass on the play-dough. If you don't have play-dough modeling clay works as well.

A Potato: Cut a potato into golf-ball size pieces. Just like the play-dough process above, work your way around the inside walls of the garbage disposal with the potato pieces until you don't see any glass on the spud. Make sure to discard properly to avoid any injury.

Wet/Dry Shop Vac: If you have a wet-dry shop vacuum you can use it suction out the broken glass from the garbage disposal. It is recommended to still use proper safety gear when performing this task.

Tiny pieces glass should wash away next time you use your disposal. If a large piece of broken glass becomes lodged on the blades, you can try using needle-nose pliers and a flash-light.

Never hesitate to call a professional plumber if you feel uncomfortable performing any of these tips or have the slightest doubt about your safety.

The article here is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee a complete fix.

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