Ginger vs. Ibuprofen

Ginger or Ibuprofen

Ginger as a natural alternative to Ibuprofen. A pain relief alternative that is better than over the counter drugs.

Feeling Sick Nausea After Eating Movie Theatre Popcorn


Find out why more and more people are not tolerating the consumption of movie-theater popcorn. And why some of us are getting right down sick from it.

Reasons to Plant a Survival Garden


Prepping for dooms-day or the collapse of the economy? Or perhaps you just enjoy your daily veggies...It may be a good idea to start a victory garden.

Incredible Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

himalayan salt

Everyone, it seems is talking about the incredible benefits as Himalayan salt and some additional properties to support a healthy mind and body. Or is it all HYPE?

3 Reasons To Drink Organic Coffee

cup of java

Can't get your day / morning started without a cup of java? Perhaps it's time to consider the possible benefits of drinking organic coffee.

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