When I was growing up, the only coffee that anyone drank in my family, was so-called ‘Turkish Coffee’. It had nothing to do with Turkey and I’m pretty sure if you go to Turkey, you won’t find this particular coffee there. I think the name originally came from an old advert, which featured an exotic man with a turban hat. The advert was for one of the main coffee brands that were then available in Czechoslovakia and since there were not that many coffee options, the name just becomes popular as a name for a coffee.

In those days (I’m talking the 80s & 90s here), people also didn’t have any coffee machines, so even people who would now consider themselves coffee connoisseurs would drink coffee like that.

How to make a good coffee in a mug

  1. Put freshly grounded coffee beans to your favourite mug (I use 4 teaspoons for about 350 ml of water, but I like my coffee fairly weak, so you’ll probably want to up the amount of coffee).
  2. Bring water to boil in a kettle on a stove
  3. Leave the water to cool down a tiny bit (I wait about 30 sec to 1 minute)
  4. Pour over your coffee
  5. Stir & leave for few minutes (the coffee grinds will settle at the bottom of your coffee cup)


Don’t forget you still have the coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup, so don’t drink absolutely everything!

Extra tip – once your coffee is brewed you can pour it to another cup over a fine sieve to catch the coffee grounds. I always warm up the second cup, by leaving boiling water in until I need to use is, as pouring your coffee from one cup to another will cool it down. If you are careful, you can also omit the sieve and just pour it carefully into another mug or use a muslin cloth or similar to prevent the coffee grounds getting into your perfect cup of coffee.


If the idea of coffee grounds in your cup, puts you off, plus it’s fair to say, that the coffee is still brewing as you drink it, which changes the flavour, there is another way to prepare freshly brewed coffee without the grinds.

In the saucepan boil enough water for your coffee plus a little extra. This is a brilliant option if you are making coffee for more people (the cup method can be a little bit too fiddly for this).


How to make a good coffee on a stove

  1. Use 4 teaspoons per person (cup) and 350ml per person (cup) or more coffee if you like your coffee stronger
  2. In a large saucepan bring the water to boil and add your coffee
  3. Switch off the heat and don’t let it boil over
  4. Leave the coffee for five minutes or until the coffee grounds sit at the bottom
  5. Carefully pour your coffee into your mugs making sure that you leave the coffee grounds in the saucepan. Or if you have a ladle, use it to refine your pouring technique.
  6. Add your favourite milk or sugar & enjoy!