Change Camera Language from Chinese to English SJ6000 Sport HD DV WiFi

SJ6000 wifi

Getting a new gadget is exciting. But it can quickly become unpleasant if you are having problems operating it.

This article focuses on the language settings for the SJ6000 WiFi Version 2" LCD Display 170 Degree Wide Angle H.264 12.0MP 1080P HD 30M Waterproof Outdoor Helmet Sport DV Digital Video Camera. This is the fake, replica or knock-off to the SJCAM. (Note this is not the SJ4000 or GoPro model.)

Sports 1080p H.264

This Action Cam may be sold under different brand names: Megadream, SunKni, Findway, ABLEGRID, RioRand, LELEC, Puluz and VMATE to name a few.

The WiFi Sports Cam we received was set to Chinese language and it was painfully difficult to know exactly where the language settings were. The instruction manual that came in the box was no help to us either.

Hopefully with the picture and help below, you'll be able to change the language on the SJ6000 Sports HD DV WiFi camera from Chinese to English.

Sports HD DV 30m

Once the camera has been turned on, press the button on the front of the camera to find the settings page. Then use the buttons on the side of the camera to move up or down. Continue this until you see the wrench symbol highlighted in yellow. Now scroll until you reach the 2/5 page. The button in the middle is your language settings page, click OK button on top of the camera. (Note the bottom button on page 2/5 may read as PAL or NTSC)

Once on the language settings page navigate to English (highlight in yellow) and PRESS the OK button on top of camera.

This should set the camera from Chinese to English.

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