Lenovo Ideapad U530 Broken Hinge Cheap Fix

When my Lenovo U530 laptop hinge broke I was a bit baffled. I rarely move it and since it sits on my desk, I hardly ever close the lid, I just let it go into sleep mode. And of course, it breaks as soon as the warranty expires.

It usually starts with the laptop making popping or cracking noises when closing the screen-lid. In time, the bottom black cover below the screen begins to pop loose.

It’s all due to poor design and cheap (plastic) parts. I will show you and discuss what worked for me and what didn’t.

Access to the hinge is pretty easy. Using a pry tool begin by removing the bottom hinge cover from one of the corners and pull upward to loosen the snaps. For me, it was easy since it had already begun to separate from the hinge being broken.

Next, I removed the three hinge screws from both sides (6 total) and the 4 silver screws that hold the touch-screen in place.

My first step was to glue back the plastic piece that holds the hinge screws. This method has worked for some people but ONLY if the plastic is not in bad shape. I applied JB Weld Clear Epoxy using toothpicks and I let it set and cure for the recommended time. After reassembling it, the hinge popped loose again. The plastic that held the screen screws was so deteriorated and brittle that I had no choice but to do the following repair.

My solution (and that of many others) was to drill holes through the aluminium lid and attach screws and nuts. I use my laptop for work and couldn’t wait for an expensive and lengthy repair. This method was a cheap fix.

I was able to find same width screws and nuts that were the same diameter but longer at my local Ace Hardware Store; Home Depot did not carry them. Once secured I soldered the screw threads. I have worked like a champ and I’m able to completely close the lid on my Lenovo U530 laptop. My total cost was $5.78 for the screws, nuts and drill bit.