Remove Nut HydroBoost Brake Booster GM Chevy Suburban Tahoe Silverado


After getting a $1000.00+plus quote for replacing a leaking brake booster on my 2005 Chevrolet Suburban, I decided to tackle the job myself. I was on a mission to save my hard earned money.

For the most part, it was a straight forward job. Remove a clip, some bolts and hoses here and there.

However, I wasn't prepared for how difficult it was to remove that damn nut behind the mounting plate that holds the hydroboost in place. It was tough!

After miserably failing with a variety of plumbing wrenches and other tools, I came close to tossing the brake booster through the windshield.

But after some brainstorming and the help of my father-in-law, we came up with two things that worked.

Method #1: Use Your Tow Hitch

hydroboost nut

We realized that the tow hitch to my Suburban was almost the same diameter as the nut. By taping a piece of angle-iron inside the hitch we were able to insert and rotate the booster. However, this is a two-person job. I held the brake booster and my father-in-law used a torque-pipe to rotate and loosen the nut.

Method #2: Build a Nut Socket

This method of course depends on whether you have access to a welding machine or know of someone who does.

brake booster nut socket

Using the nut from the new brake booster, we duct-taped pieces of angle-iron tightly around the new nut. Then tack welded to hold in place and removed the nut. After the nut was removed I strengthened the angle-iron with more beads.

booster socket

Note: By using angle-iron with holes, it makes it easier grip the torque tool used. In our case we used a heavy-duty screw driver to tighten down the new mounting nut in place.

nut socket

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