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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What type of blog content can I submit?

We are happy to accept a blog post on pretty much any subject that’s relevant to our lifestlyle blog style. We currently have the following categories ( but are very happy to introduce a new one!) – Film Reviews, Lifestyle, Health, Recipes, Fix It, Practical Tips, Work.

How long should my blog post be?

Our requirement is a minimum of 300 words and there is no upper limit. Blog posts with around 500 – 750 words are well received by readers, as they are usually long enough to provide the right information.

How long is my blog post going to stay published on MadWash website?

Your blog post will stay published on our website permanently, unless you specifically ask us to unpublish your blog post.

What type of blog content is not accepted?

We are a family friendly website and as such, are unable to accept guest blog posts in the following areas: Gambling or Casino Websites, Adult Rated Websites or Products, Pharmacy Products.