How to Sync Connect Wii Black Console to Balance Board

Connecting and syncing the Wii Black Console to the Wii Balance Board can be at times challenging, especially if you are short on patience like me. But it is rather an easy process if the wii system and board are functioning correctly.

Here's what to do:

1. Take off the battery cover located underneath the Wii Balance Board. Just above the batteries you'll see a small red button.

2. On the Black Wii console, open the panel where the SD memory card slot is located. There is a rectangular red button.

3. Press and release each sync button within 45 seconds.

4. The blue LED on the balance board should be blinking, and then it will turn solid once the Balance Board and Wii Black Console have been paired.

5. Insert your Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus disk into the Wii Black Console and check that the Balance Board is working properly.

wii board

Note: If the Wii Balance Board blinks but doesn't turn to a solid blue, it may need a fresh set of batteries.

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